Career Opportunities

medical coderCEC Healthcare is a leading provider of medical coding services for healthcare organisations. Our headquarters are based in London and we serve organisations across the UK.

We strive to deliver our medical coding services to the highest standards and quality. In doing so, we enable healthcare organisations to reduce their administrative burden, allowing them to maximise the time they spend caring for their patients.

We have recently developed an innovative performance-based, service bureau model to extend our offerings to healthcare organisations. In order to make this service effective, we need skilled, driven, and reliable healthcare coders who desire flexible working arrangements and location-independent working. If this sounds like you, then we are extremely interested in talking to you.

We are looking for:

  • Experienced clinical coders (who have at least undertaken the NHS Classification Service Clinical Coding Foundation Course and preferably have attained Accredited Clinical Coder status)


  • People with a background in healthcare, such as a nurse or paramedic, who are interested in becoming a clinical coder.

If you are interested in this opportunity then please register your details to find out more about the role.